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Pearl of Purity: The White Shiba inu Elegance Unveiled 2024

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It is a breed of dog (white shiba inu) that is one of the specific types of Setz. It is the smallest of the Setz breed and breeder breeds. This species originates from Japan. In Japanese, Ino means Dog and Shiba means Brushwood. Perhaps the breed was named after the area where they hunted. Or because of the autumn Brushwood color. Many years ago there were only three different types of Shiba. The Mino, The Sanin, The Shinshu.

                        The person who bred this dog wanted a very good hunting dog. Therefore, it is cultivated in the dense forests and mountainous regions of Japan. It is usually smaller than other dog breeds and has a different temperament. It is known as the Japanese Shiba Inu and Shiba Ken.

                        The Shiba Inu is a small but strong and agile dog. Their muscles are also quite strong. Male dogs are slightly larger than females.



                    The white Shiba Inu is a very beautiful dog. Some people prefer the white Shuba Inu to the colored Shiba Inu. White color is considered unusual in Shibas. However, it is not officially recognized by Kannel Clubs in different countries. Most of them have a cream or off-white coat with shading around the ears or face

                     The White Shiba is a very healthy dog with a lifespan of 13 to 16 years. But it is also prone to a few health problems compared to other dogs. It is a free race. White Shiba Inu wants lots of love and attention. They are very happy with the changes around the house and if they are involved in everything in the house.



                      The white Shiba Inu is often compared to cats. They can tolerate being alone but not excessively. Shiba Inu fox-like faces look very beautiful due to their curved tails and straight triangular ears. Expressive eyes, their size and beautiful white color add to their charm. Shiba Inos are also found in different colors like red, black, tan , sesame and cream etc.

                  They can officially display their new color by undergoing a color change. These colors, though not matching the original and the standard of their breed, still add to their beauty and uniqueness. They are independent and known for their self-reliant personality.



                            It has an overall personality and has a lot of love and affection with its owner. High intelligence and quite stubborn according to the temperament of the breed. In the way of licking, they show their love for you. Shiba Inos are very clean animals, the way you take care of them, they also take care of you. Shiba Inu require lots of attention and love from their owners to be happy. They are very beneficial in the home as domestic dogs. They are very sensitive to their environment. They are very sensitive to loud or strange sounds and changes in their environment. It can do well with other dogs and children if socialized from an early age. They are calm in public when they meet other people, but when some new people come to their house, they become crazy. Shiba Inu does not have the ability to warn. But they do have some specific words, including words like boo-dealing and Shiba-cheek.



                                  Shiba Inos are a medium-sized breed so puppy food should be taken into consideration when choosing their food. Food should be chewy and about the size of their mouths. Their calorie intake should be controlled to avoid weight gain. Beef, fish or mutton , chicken and protein are very important for their diet.

                              Shiba Inos are very averse to water. If they are introduced to water at a young age, they become accustomed to it. They are a social breed so if socialized to swim, they adapt quickly and enjoy it.

white shiba inu


             They grow more between the ages of 3 to 12 months. And reach maturity by one year. However, it depends on their race. An adult Shiba Inos weighs between 17 and 23 pounds and 13.5 to 16.5 inches tall. 

                              A healthy Shiba Inu needs 18 to 20 hours of sleep. A normal Shiba sleeps about 75% of the day. Or spend 10 to 12 hours a day staying there.


           The temperament of the white Shiba Inu is alert, loyal and lively. A trusting dog. The white shiba inu is a breed that  forms a strong bond with its owner. They can also be free-ranging and territorial due to hunting. They usually love family members and people with whom they are familiar..


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